Bridge connected to Lan but without Internet access - Can I prevent Wifi Broadcast?

  • I have a Bond Bridge that is Connected to my NoT Wifi.
  • This Network has no internet action.
  • I control Bond Bridge through Hubitat (irrelevant I think)

The Bond Bridge works correctly but:

  • The light is Spinning blue which indicates connecting to Bond cloud.
  • The Bond Bridge Wifi is broadcasting - I guess to help me connect to it

Is there a way I can prevent the Bond Bridge from entering this stage without access to internet?


Have you checked out the Watchdog api endpoint and running locally thread?
Any challenges still experienced after firmware updates and API config, as described there?

Minimum Firmware:

Watchdog API config:
cURL Commands

Thank you very much for pointing me to the right direction. For some reason I couldn’t find it :slight_smile: