BOND Loosing Connection, Needing Power Cycle

I think I have come across a new issue, which is BOND not responding, and reboot required. I have had this in the past right after installing a new fan. But this is different, as I just loose connectivity, and Echo says connection to this HUB is lost check hub connectivity. So reboot and I am back in the game.

Now if this is problem in the future, a way to reboot the BOND will be necessary. Would it be possible for engineering to provide a way to reboot automatically at a certain time that we the user can configure in our app? Just a thought. The rebooting let’s say at 2:00AM EST would clean the garbage causing the disconnection.

We definitely want to solve the root cause of the disconnection you see. It’s either a firmware crash or a network drop off issue. I’ll see if we have any crash logs for your unit…

We had debated adding a watchdog in the firmware, but were worried about unnecessary reboots. You make a good point that it could be configurable. If the watchdog defaulted to disabled, but could be enabled as an advanced option, that certainly could be useful in some cases.

On my end I have FING installed so any network failures I get an alert. No alert was reported. In my opinion a watchdog would be the answer, as all devices can get locally messed up. So if a configurable reboot was available according to local times it would be great for everyone, no matter their location in the world.

Hmm. We have no firmware crash log for your unit. When the BOND stops responding is the ring still blue?

Next time it drops off, can you do a “green reset”, then reconnect to WiFi, then let me know? I can then pull a firmware log which will show logs from during the period where the BOND dropped off. (Unfortunately the firmware logs are volatile, so they are not persisted across power cycle. Hence the reset/reconnect dance.)

As for connectivity watchdog, I’ll see if we can implement it as an advanced option.

Yes the light is BLUE, but when you ask Alexa to do something the light doesn’t flash, and I receive the message about checking connection and power. OK what is the green reset?

Hmm interesting re: still blue when lost connectivity. I’d love to see logs.

Green reset just resets the WiFi credentials, but leaves devices intact.

Note that it’s important not to hold the button down too long. Release as soon as it turns green.

Boy that pin hole is well camouflaged.

I have had a few times in the past were I could control one fan/light and not the other through Alexa or even through the Bond software and it would generally work itself out after a day or so. I have also had were it wouldn’t work for either device from Alexa but it would through the Bond app but that only happened once and I rebooted the Bond device by pulling the power and pluggin it back in which fixed it. Overall it has been pretty stable though.

So have had the same issue where Alexa can’t control any device. I found I just need to open the BOND app and control the device with it. Once I control any device, Alexa has full control again and no issues until it does it again.

Again I have not found power cycling the device is needed in my case.

Interesting, I haven’t seen that pattern of behavior before… if you PM me next time you observe that pattern, I’ll try grabbing a log and digging into it.

New firmware v1.113 adds extra logs to track down the original issue here. More info on how to send logs:

Note that the Alexa connectivity is probably different – especially if you notice that the App works but Alexa does not. We pushed out a fix for integrations last week which fixes many issues with Alexa/GH/IFTTT syncing.

Good news! We have v1.115.1 apps out (which contains v1.115 firmware), which causes the BOND to detect WiFi connection failure and automatically reboot. Feature needs to be enabled in the BOND Settings Pencil menu. — This seems to work well in our lab, so I invite anyone with this issue to try it out and let us know how it goes.