Parrot Uncle remotes

Anyone set up a Parrot uncle fan remote? Specifically FCC ID 2AWBS20085 (remote model HT-01 RL167 receiver)? My other fans all look fine and are recognized by the database, but it doesn’t recognize this one. Not sure what to expect as far as programming difficulties and am hoping someone else has already attempted haha!

Remote info:

Doesn’t look like Bond has seen this remote before.

Supported Devices Search for 2AWBS20085

The FCC filing shows RF of [433.908], so it is likely able to be supported (unless it uses some weird modulation).
If you cannot find a templated device that shows up automatically, you may still be able to manually record each button press.
Try next time when scanning for your first button press doing Advanced Settings > Signal Type = RF & Frequency of 433.908 & toggle OFF the Search Remote Database.
Does the Bridge ever light up green when scanning for one button when it’s being pressed?
Try varying the distance from the Bridge while doing the original remote button pressing if the Bridge does not light up green (some remotes scan better at 6" away, while others seem to like 30" away, or any distance in between).