Menards Patriot Ceiling Fan with No FCC ID

I purchased a fan from Menards that my daughter picked out. I have two other working fans in my setup, but I ran into a problem adding this fan. I cannot find an FCC ID anywhere. The remote does not have an FCC ID and the receiver in the fan does not either.

Patriot Lighting™ Swank 16" Gray Indoor Integrated LED Fandelier at Menards®
Model Number: 37591-MNDC Menards ® SKU: 3550718

I have quickly done some searching on the forum and internet for what to do if there is no FCC ID. Am I out of luck with this fan or is their a set of instructions somewhere for adding a fan without an FCC ID?

Welcome to the forums, @Bosej86 !

The FCC IDs are helpful to the Bond team or us in the community when both statements are true:

  1. you’ve tried to add the device and despite the Bond Bridge flashing green when pressing the first button or two, no database match / template was automatically found
  2. you’ve tried using the Advanced options during device setup, turned off database searching, and tried to manually record RF or IR signals for each button, and the Bond Bridge never turns green during recording and/or the Bridge fails to control the device when testing the command you just recorded

The FCC ID tells us at least the operating frequency of the remote + receiver (to see if it is within ranges supported by the Bond hardware) and the Bond team can sometimes also use it to identify other bits about modulation and signals - and indicate compatibility or lack thereof at the software level.

It’s worth a call to Patriot Lighting to see if they can provide the FCC ID of their remote + receiver and/or the communication protocol (IR, RF, Bluetooth, something else) and any associated frequency.
As far as I know they are supposed to / legally required to provide the FCC ID.

I have tried to add the device and the blinking never turns green. I’ve tried several of the buttons on the remote. I have also went through the advanced options as you described. I will call Patriot today to see if they will provide me with the FCC ID. Thanks for your response.

Wondering if it is maybe an RF signal out of range (2.4 GHz or similar) or a weird encoding / format the Bond Bridge cannot recognize.

I spoke with their support and they said they do not have an FCC ID to provide. She said their fans are not smart hub friendly. I think I may be out of luck.

Here a couple of pictures of the top of the fan, but I don’t think they will be of any help either.

Just going by the model number when it says HWJ- 2.4G -DC-03, I’m going to guess this is indeed a 2.4 GHz receiver/remote, and therefore outside the hardware capabilities of the Bond Bridge’s RF frequencies.

Since it also appears to be a DC motor fan, I cannot even recommend switching to a Smart by Bond universal retrofit kit (like I’ve used on a few AC motor fans - granted, they don’t use the Bridge but at least they use the same Bond app / APIs / integrations).

Well… I guess that answers the question. I didn’t even notice the 2.4G.

My daughter will be disappointed, but I think we are going to pick her out another fan.

Thanks for all of your help.