How do we request an addition to the ceiling fan remote database

Good morning all,
I have a home decorators aero breeze on the gazebo and I was trying to figure out how to add this to bond control. The fan speed is controlled by increase and decrease buttons. I had another fan like this in our living room and I found it has been added to the remote database sometime between last night and bond release.

If you include a picture of the remote and the FCC ID, it should help them to know if it would be com0atible.


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Thanks for the request and the information! Looks like we have had several requests for this remote to be supported, and our remote guy is hard at work on this one already

Thanks. I am impressed and thankful for the improvements you all have made since release, especially with Alexa integration. Keep up the great work.

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I have the same fan remote from Home Decorator’s Collection for a Point Aire 52" fan. Of the three fans I have, Bond matched one to a template RCF98v2 and the other two never matched to a template. One of the others it will not even program any of the buttons. This remote was requested to be added in 2018. Has it been added?