Alexa finds all the fans except one

I’ve had my Bond Bridge for a while and it’s worked great especially with the fan remotes where I have to set the DIP switches. My wife bought a fan recently that has a remote built into that uses 434 Mhz frequency. I tried to get it to work with the same type of wall switches I have on all my other fans and after finding a post by Hunter that explained the one wall remote that would work with it. The remote that came with it has FCC ID IN2TX45 and the wall remote is FCC ID IN2TX47. It took a little time to get the bond to accept either of the remotes which included several attempts of discovering the remote. I finally found a post saying to reboot the Bond Bridge which solved that issue. When I link the Bond to Alexa it doesn’t find this fan. Is there a way to get it to rescan the devices in the Bond app? I’m at a loss as it should have shown up and it doesn’t.