Add Ceiling Fan by FCC ID?

I just received my Bond hub and I’m trying to add my first ceiling fan. When the “We’ve found some remote controls” shows up it never lists my remote. My FCC ID is KUJCE10401, the website says it’s supported but only remotes with 3 fan speeds show up. My fan has 4 speeds.

Why can’t we add the remote by searching for the FCC ID instead of the app trying to guess? Maybe I’m missing that option. I don’t want to have to manually add each button when my remote is supported.

Thanks for any help.

As a supplement or alternative, maybe the Bond team can think of adding the template IDs that match to an FCC ID on the supported /not supported web page?

Supported Device: KUJCE10401

There are ways to add a template via API - though some devices that have “dip switch” settings on the receiver (/remote) might be a bit more difficult, I suppose.

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