Pair Bond Bridge from DecoFlex without Somfy Remote?

I recently moved to a new condo that has Somfy blinds installed. However, it did not come with any remotes. I can control them using a Decoflex WireFree panel that’s mounted on the wall.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to program my Bond Bridge by using the decoflex like a remote? It’s not wired so it must be sending the RTS signals that Bond understands. I can’t seem to figure how though.

Sure, you can do this. There’s a little button you can push with a paperclip on the Decoflex which is the PROG button.

And that is the equivalent of the hole in the back on the remote? Thanks!

update: It is! I can confirm that if you follow the somfy setup using a Decoflex, first selecting the blind you want to add, then inserting a paperclip into the hole when it asks you to, it works. Everything is fantastic now.

Thank you so much.