New User with Somfy Blinds issue

I recently was provided with a Bond Bridge to control my hurricane shutters and I found that this works really well allowing me local and remote access to the shutters.

After reading through some of the Bond documentation I decided to try adding some other devices. I first tried a ceiling fan in a bedroom. The process was easy and now also works quite well.

Then, I decided to see if I could control some Somfy blinds. I have 5 Somfy blinds in a room that are controlled with a Situo 5RTS remote. I focused on 1 blind and started the process. I got the blind to jog and then went through the pairing process. Initially it seemed to work but then it did not respond to the Bond Device controls at all. So I decided to delete the Device. Seeing the warning that I needed to unpair the Device before deletion, I followed the steps to do that before I deleted it.

My issue, after doing this, is that the blind is now completely unresponsive! Pressing the programming button on the back of the remote no longer causes the blind to jog. In addition, the remote no longer controls the blind.

Any thoughts on what has gone wrong?

Sounds like somehow you managed to get the original Situo remote unpaired, instead of unpairing the virtual remote in the Bridge. That’s not supposed to be possible via the Pair/Unpair screen. :thinking: I’d like to understand how that happened because it is NOT supposed to.

Your options are:

  1. Use the virtual remote control option in the Bond app to re-pair your Situo. This assumes that you did not go thru with the deletion, or that you have a backup you can restore from.

  2. If you did delete the device in the app, we may be able to recover the address/counter data and recover the device. This would take an engineering call here, and still may not work because I’m assuming that we’d be able to get the motor to respond to the Bond device, which you said you were having trouble with.

  3. You could factory reset the somfy motor, reconfigure the limits, and then re-pair with Bond.

You can set up a call with me here if you want:

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Thanks for the quick response. I may take you up on that offer however, the person who recently installed the Somfy blinds is supposed to be coming back soon to check on the installation. I plan to ask him how to reset the blinds and get the remote working again. Then, I will try to re-pair it with Bond again.

Is it possible that I never actually paired the blind with the Bond Bridge and so when I followed the unpairing steps I was actually unpairing the remote?

It’s not supposed to be possible, by the design of RTS. I’ll give a quick explanation:

  • When you press the PROG button on the transmitter, it sends “prog” packets until you release the button.
  • The motors listen for a long hold on PROG from a remote already in the motor’s memory. When they hear this, they do a jog. The motor’s pairing window is now open.
  • It now listens for a short press of PROG from any remote EXCEPT the one that was used to open the pairing window. If this second remote address is not in the memory, it is added. If it’s already there, it is removed. The motor jogs again and exits pairing window.
  • There is a different mode that exists after factory reset, that usually only the dealers care about.

So you see, that it’s supposed to be impossible to end up without any remote paired.

In the Bond app’s Pair/Unpair screen, and during setup, we show a “Pair” button which simulates a short press on the PROG button. We intentionally did not allow a long press here so that you couldn’t end up unpairing the original remote. – But maybe if you tap the Pair button several times it could be interpreted as a long press by the motor :thinking:

NOTE: we do have a “virtual remote control” option in the app which gives you full control and the ability to do a long press on any single button or even combination of buttons.

I hope the above explication is useful to you or someone reading. Good luck with the installer. Let us know if you discover something interesting!

Here are the instructions for *Reset All Communications Between the Motor and Remote Transmitter" (taken from Sunsetter owners manual.)
2. Press and Hold the my button; the red LED light will blink for at least 5 seconds, then release.
3. Disconnect Power (at the Wall outlet) for 5 full seconds.
4 Connect Power (at the Wall outlet) for 10 full seconds.
5. repeat step 3.
6. Connect Power (at the Wall outlet). Your shade should move then stop on its own.
7.Press and hold the “Programming” button for 10 seconds, watching for two separate jogs back and forth, several seconds apart.
8. Press and Hold the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons together until your shade jogs. Note: the shade now moves ONLY by holding down the “UP” or “DOWN” button.

Good luck

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Thanks! NB: these instructions are for AC motors. The battery motors will have a different procedure.

Given that the DC logic will be most likely the same for both types of motors, the reset process will not be that different. The AC power - power off pattern is much more like a battery connect and disconnect for the logic involved. Let’s see what the process actually is.

Just found a YouTube describing Programing Somfy Wirefree and Somfy RTS Motors