BOND Beta firmware 2.12.3 fails to update

I have three BOND Z type devices and when I try to update this firmware 2.12.3 it gets to 10% then fails with error 107 communications error. I have rebooted the hubs and still no luck on any of the devices.

I have also tried on my iPad same result.

Thanks for reporting the issue with the BETA firmware, Joel. We’re investigating now.

As a counterpoint, my ZZ and BD Bridges both updated via Android app to 2.12.3-beta just fine right now, but I had already updated them both to 2.12.3-hfhddghbgg (or whatever it was) earlier today.

Still no luck here, hopefully soon. Any updates on this?

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I wonder if this is because I am using IOS Beta 14! Anyone else using 14?