New Blink functionality

I have a ring doorbell and it would be nice to have it blink my office ceiling fan light when motion is detected at my front door. Of course this needs to be controlled via SmartThings as IFTTT does not allow multiple conditions and I only want that to happen during certain hours. The blink function would have to be available in the other interfaces to make good use of it.

So how it should work would be if the light is off then it should blink X times and end up off. If it is on then blink X times and end up on. Number of times to blink could be hard coded or an option. I have hue bulbs that support blink but they are hard coded to blink 15 times, a little too much.

Okay, thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this.

For now, perhaps you could send a “Turn Light On” followed shortly after by a “Turn Light Off”… it might be a longer-than-ideal blink, but can probably be set up in SmartThings with the current firmware.

maybe BOND team could just add an endpoint for “rep” (repeats) to actions, à la old tx options? With x for the number of times, and y as the delay between signals?
If users repeated an even x number of times with y delay, could basically assure same status for ending on/off state, but give the end users the control to decide what works for them.

Just a thought.

That sounds like it would give me the results I am looking for.

Greg Woodall
Mobile Phone

Currently to get this kind of functionality I have had to create multiple virtual Smartthings devices. What you mention would only turn the light off if it were already on.

Greg Woodall
Mobile Phone

Thanks for the request. I can see the need. For Smart by Bond we’ve actually got this blink function developed internally, and it wouldn’t be too hard to expose it. Added to roadmap!

For Bond Bridge it’s more complicated: it requires some extra development for us, and it’s likely to cause some fans to go into dimming mode instead of toggle.