Toggle for fan light, rather than discrete on/off?

Wondering if we’re going to have access to a “toggle” for fan lights either in IFTT, and especially in SmartThings integration when it comes.

Reason I ask is I have an on/off toggle button in the Bond app (labeled “Light”) that turns my fan lights on/off, but there isn’t an on/off toggle available in IFTT (it provides discrete on and off switches). It would make it simpler to control fan lights from button devices like an Aeon Minimote if I can send an on/off toggle signal from a single button rather than having to send On from one button press and Off from a second button press or long press.

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That’s a good idea, to have a “Toggle” action available. I can see how that would make life easier, especially for remotes with distinct on/off control signals. I’ll bring it up with the team.

A workaround for now is, you can just use the TurnLightOn action. Because your device has a single control signal for “toggle”, both the TurnLightOn and TurnLightOff actions in IFTTT both send the same control signal.

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Great, thanks for the info, and for considering adding the toggle switch - very useful for me at least. :slight_smile:

I’ll try out sending On twice in a row and confirm.

Yup - works perfectly - I have my “toggle.” :slight_smile:

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Can someone tell me how to make an applet to show if bond light or fan is on in SmartThings?