IFTTT Integration No option for toggle

Hi there,

I am trying to setup Wink Relay switch as a turn on and off for a ceiling fan. I am only able to set the option to either turn on or off, but not toggle based on if it is already turned on or off. Is there anyway you could add toggle as an option? Or any workaround would be appreciated.


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You are right, we currently do not have a Toggle action in IFTTT. Currently you would need to create two different buttons: one for on, another for off.

Can you share what you want to put on the “IF” side? Is it a widget/button? Or something else?

Note that there is a workaround in the case of lights which have only one control signal for ON/OFF. However, this does not apply in your situation:

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The IF side is a Wink relay button which is a momentary button. Please see attached screenshot for example.

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