Home Assistant integration

I’m curious if there are any plans at integrating with Home Assistant. If not, does Bond have a library or SDK that could be used for writing that support?

Use IFTTT as the middle man.

On IFTTT create two applets:
Trigger = Webhooks (event name = “fan_start” or “fan_stop”)
Event = Bond (select the “Turn on device” or “Turn off device” corresponding to the webhooks trigger name for that applet)

Then connect home assistant to ifttt in configurations.yml.

Then you can make automations or actions based on the “ifttt.trigger” service with the event data containing the “fan_start” or “fan_stop” event name from above.

Feel free to respond or ask questions if you need more specifics or clarifications. I’m typing from my phone so I couldn’t go into full detail as I don’t have it off hand.

Perfect! Thank you. I forgot all about the IFTTT integration.

With the new BETA local api, you can create shell commands in HA and have automations execute those scripts:

ceiling_light_toggle: ‘curl -H “BOND-Token: {{ token }}” -i -X PUT -d {}’


  • id: ceiling-light-off
    alias: Turn off ceiling fan lights
    initial_state: on
    • platform: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.ceiling_light
      to: ‘off’
      • service: shell_command.ceiling_light_toggle
        token: !secret bond_token

I’m actually starting to look at building a proper python library and interface to the local API for home assistant. As soon as I figure out how to get my second fan paired. I’ll update this thread with progress as I go.

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Let me know if you need a tester. I have 3 fans and use Home Assistant. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a proper HASS component/platform.


Hello @sdague.

I started a python library myself for the local API, and I’m planning to push it to GitHub this week. :crossed_fingers:

Do you some code already?

If you have any question, please let me know.


I don’t have code yet, I was looking through the API mostly. I’ve written a number of home assistant integrations in the past so happy to contribute if you want to publish out your library for local api access.


Have you had any luck with the integration? Looking forward to seeing your work and if you need anybody to help test, let me know.

I was pretty far along with an integration by reverse engineering their app API, but was excited to find out about their local API. But then my hopes were dashed when I found out that my fans aren’t compatible with the local API and need to wait for their cloud API to be exposed.

I got it working with my fans a couple weeks ago. works like a champ. no real state management but that is more of an annoyance then an issue.

I used this as a base and swapped out rest_command for shell_command. It work out great!!

Hey Dan, perhaps you already noticed, that after re-recording your fans on recent firmware, you can get them to work with the Local API.

Otherwise, very excited to see a few people using Home Assistant with Bond. We saw Home Assistant’s impressive showing at CEDIA… a solid Bond integration would be epic!

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I would love to help with this endeavor in some way. Have been wanting an integration for forever.

I really want a first-party HA integration, but that’s not on the roadmap so far. So no promises!

For now, check out this Custom Integration by @nguyer. I think you can import it using HACS. It only shows fans and lights though.


@marcio I’m thrilled to see an email from customerservice@bondhome.io today telling me you are working on an API so that I can integrate with Home Assistant. I purchased the product in mid 2018 and returned it after only a week thinking this product was hardly a “smart” product allowing me to open a cell phone to do the same things my existing wireless remote did. I had purchased a 4th remote and soldering into the buttons to permit remote control and wanted to more professional and adaptable integration to my “smart home”. Looking forward to seeing progress and I’ll order again. I’d love to join the dev community if I had a device here. I saw in another post someone looking for a wall mount and I’d be willing to design a stl file and share on this site and others like Thingiverse, again if I had one in my hands right now. https://www.thingiverse.com/ejosterberg/designs

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