State-aware smartthings

I’ve got a ceiling fan light and some other things (air purifier via IR) that I use to send a power toggle command. Though it often gets out of sync, it works when I toggle the on/off state of these devices in smartthings. However, I have scenes and routines in smartthings that turn off entire rooms or the entire house. Imagine I have the light on and I say “turn off living room”. All devices including my bond ones turn off just great. But later if I say “turn off everything”, everything turns off but another toggle is sent to my ceiling fan and now the whole house is off and my bond devices are back on.

Is there a way to tell smartthings to “turn off if not already off”?

You can enable the “trust state” configuration for these toggleable devices. This can be done in the device settings screen in the Bond Home app. This’ll get you precisely the “turn off if not already off” behavior, just make sure that the Bond has the right state for your devices. (If the state is wrong, you can adjust it in the same place in the app, or just use your physical remote)

@jbonta1 - would caution you (and others) that while the Trust State option is awesome if you only control the devices through BOND and linked integrations to BOND… If you use the original remote for any devices, it is highly likely the State will get out of sync.

You will also have to make sure your integrations use the Power On / Power Off actions, rather than Power Toggle, if you want them to take advantage of the Trust State feature.