Bond + SelectBlinds + Fanimation

I currently have one Fanimation fan on the patio and 8 interior motorized shades that are controlled by a 15 channel remote. Can the bond recognize the fan and each channel/shade as a single device and allow me to control them independently? Or will it only recognize the one remote I have for the fan and one remote for the shades?

? Bond Bridge ? / Bond Bridge Pro / SelectConnect Bridge device would be able to control the different channels of the Select Blinds, and also would be able to control other RF devices.

There are some differences between the Bridge Pro (Sidekick support, “sliders” in the Bond app, etc) and the normal Bridge; full disclosure: I don’t have any Select Blinds so I’m only 98% certain the normal Bridge has the necessary basic functionality to control those.
This is another discussion about some of the details.