Mobile App Syncing Issue

Lately I have been regularly seeing in the mobile app all my devices and the bond bridge showing a spinning icon as though they are trying to sync, but never actually completing this process. When this happens there are no lights on the bridge indicating any error or problem.

There have been times where automations via Hubitat continue to work, but that does not appear to be the case this morning. I get connection timeout errors in my Hubitat logs and when attempting to access the IP I have reserved for bond in my router.

Normally I just power cycle the bridge and it comes back, but I wanted to raise it in case there is something else going on.

There’s every chance this is something to do with my network, but am not sure how best to determine that.

Hello @sburke781 , thanks for pointing this out. To help us investigate, can I ask you whether you are using an Android or iOS phone and what is the FW and App version?

Hi @danielvogel ,

I am using

  • Android on all my mobile devices
  • The mobile App on my phone is 2.48.2 (if my eyes are working :slight_smile: )
  • The firmware version for my Bond bridge is the latest beta, 3.19.6

Also, if it’s useful my bond model prefix is ZZDE.

Thanks for taking a look at this.

Hey @sburke781

Can you please share your Bond ID with me so I can check some logs?
Also, can you control the devices even without having the spinning icon?

Thank you!

I have sent you a pm with my bond ID.

TBH I feel like I have had mixed results, sometimes I can control the affected blinds through API calls, sometimes I can’t but can control other blinds, sometimes I can’t control anything and need to restart the bridge.

Thanks for taking a look at this. I would say it has been relatively stable for the last 3-4 days. But there should be something in the past 2 weeks to drill into

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This all appears to have resolved itself. Not 100% clear what did it, but my automations in hubitat and control in the App all seem to be working now. I have had to re-pair some of my blinds multiple times throughout this being an issue, so there may be something in that… but I can’t given any definitive steps to reproduce, so I’m happy to let it go unless you want to pursue it further.

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