Bond will not sync

Bond gets ip address from router but cannot sync. The message on the app says cannot communicate with device. Make sure you are connected and have Wi-Fi connection. I have had to reboot several times lately and I could sometimes control the fans from the app. Now the app will not sync and does not show any network info. Have performed hard reset 3 time with no better results. Was working fine - then needed occasional resets by pulling power now nothing works. Same router same configuration. Has current firmware. Please help

The Bond app has a support option to chat with the Bond staff during business hours.

There is also the option of emailing to create a ticket.

Meanwhile, those of us in the community would start troubleshooting by asking :
a) do you have a mesh router system?
b) what router do you have?
c) if you run both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi, do you use the same network ID / SSID for both, or do you call them different names?

I had the same problem is morning, flashing green light.

I finally got things to work by changing my phone from 5 Ghz to 2.5Ghhz.

I was able to then connect to the special bond connection and do the firmware upgrade and the bond device came back to life…

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