FCC ID MDY33A not working

I have this fan from HD that I got last month & am unable to add this to bond.

I checked this on FCC site and that one confirms it to be 433MHz remote, picture attached -

Shouldn’t this work? Regardless of what I do cannot seem Bond to recognize any buttons, thought the remote functions all well.

Any help appreciated

@merck @jacob - reaching out to you to see if this is something that Bond supports and works

Finally got this to take commands and works half way.
Though there are buttons on remote except for speeds 1 thru 6 nothing works.
With 433MHz remote I expect this to be in the database to pick up all commands. I even got new fan with new remote but still no dice.

Your assistance/guidance will be appreciated

My name is Guy form Bond Engineering.
that remote is unknown to us but lets get it to work.

We have some Qs:

  • Can you provide here your Bond S/N? (at the bottom ticker)
  • how many speeds it has? 6?
  • how many light levels?
  • what approximately the date / time you recorded?

Guy, Bond Engineering

Hi Guy,

Thanks for looking into this.

Remote has 6 speeds
3 light levels (L/M/H)
I have been trying for past couple of weeks, finally this morning it took command for all 6 speeds and nothing else.

Attached is picture of remote front in case you need it.

OK great,

so we’ll look now overall your June recordings and try to goto “bits hunting”
i’ll reply here progress.

will it be ok from your side that we send directly to your app a test device?
you can rename/delete them,
its just that we can see how your fan responds to it.
Device names will be “TestFan…”
that way we’ll try to solve your case asap.

Bond Engineering

Perfectly fine Guy to send test device. I have been in IT and have dealt with numerous testing so this is fine.

Hi Guy,

Hope all is well. Haven’t seen any devices, yet. If you haven’t pushed it no worries, otherwise wanted to let you know that no new test devices are showing.

Thank you

Hi Bimal,

I looked at your recordings, cant tell the full logic of the remote control.

lets start with a simple recording, of the ON/OFF button
if you can, please create (+) a new fan (you can delete it later)
when you see “ADVANCED SETTINGS” please set signal type : RF , Frequency 433.9

then record the ON/OFF button (when bond turns green you can release the button)
then record again (to get the other command, if it was OFF, now it’ll be ON for ex)

and please reply here time of recording.


Just added two buttons as Power On and Power Off, both seem to be working. Not adding anymore till you can check on your end.

I initiated this learning between 3:45pm and 3:46pm - EDT

great thanks,
i’ll update here soon

We sent to your app a device name “TestOnOff”
that should turn you fan On/Off

we’ll wait for your feedback and then we’ll continue

Guy, Bond Engineering

Hello @guyz-

I just tested new device you sent - seems the buttons are switched.
When I select ‘Off’ fan turns on while selecting ‘On’ turns the fan off

yes because I didn’t know which was which - ok noted.
now lets continue,
can you do the same recording for Light ON/OFF ?

meaning - not light dim level - only light ON/OFF
in order to do that, when BOND start blinking blue for recording,
pls make sure you press the remote light button not more than 1 second
(or else we’ll get the dimmer code)

to make sure Bond doesnt need to scan for frequency,
please set frequency to 433.9
you do this by tap “ADVANCED SETTINGS” that you’ll see during the recording session.

we’ll wait for the light ON/OFF recording.


Completed for light on/ light off. Both works at present in addition to fan power on and fan power off that is working correctly.

Completed this between 10:23 - 10:25 EDT