Lianda RTL Blinds

“Close” recorded ok
“Open” & “Stop” weren’t sampled well
please re record them, this time, when Bond flashes blue, please fast tap the remote’s button until Bond turns green

thats the app flow:
go to your Bond app device " HunterDouglas" →
tap the top right 3 dots (ANdroid), or, 2 bars IiOS) → Edit Commands
(Or: Settings → advanced → Edit Commands in our latest app)
→ Tap “Open” → “Clear command” → tap “Open” → Record remote’s “Open”

repeat this for “Stop”

can you record the Remote’s Open/Stop/Close buttons?

Does your remote look like this?

Hi Santiago,
I think we have a hit here
But we need a recording of the remote’s buttons:
Open & Stop and also the Pair button

Hi Guy!

I have re recorded the Open and Stop buttons. Please let me know if they worked OK. I tap them repeatedly in both cases.
With respect to the “Pair” button, I might need a little more guidance. Doesn’t that put the remote in “Pair Mode” and I might loose the ability to operate it with the remote? Should I record it as the “Preset” button or something else?

Many thanks. Hopefully we do have a hit.

All the best,


its different. According to the datasheet i think the main difference is that it doesn’t have a preset and its only 1 channel instead of 5

I do have a very similar (or maybe the same) remote for another set of shades sold by the same company a couple of years later (set up on my baby’s bedroom) . I’m almost positive the remotes can work interexchangebly (with the shades set up on the master bedroom where I have the Bond Bridge).
Just letting you know.

Here is a picture.

We looked at some remote recordings from you,
looks like we need a remote here in office,
anyone has an idea where can we buy it?

There is no shopping cart here:

Other way,
if any of you has a spare remote not in use,
We’ll be happy to borrow it,
we’ll send you a shipping lable to send it to us,
we’ll return it to you after ~2 weeks.


i could share my remote but its a little bit different

any update? I could send a remote

Hi Ray, I will reach out by email.

Hi @merck @guy i just saw that this post got some movement. I could send my remote in for you guys to try. I’ve also replied to the PM you sent me. I actually kinda got it working with Bond, setting it up under “Other”, but only about 1 out of 7-8 button presses work; it’s as if it’s changing the code sent out every time.

Fascinating. Usually rolling codes prevent replays indefinitely. This one may be easier than anticipated.

Rather than send us the remote, could you record a “ceiling fan” with speed 1–9 which corresponds to recordings of consecutive button presses of “up” button? We may be able to solve remotely.

I’m available too to try things out remotely again.

OK, you can use this link to find a time and we can see about capturing those signals.

just booked a meeting to capture the codes

Thanks. We got the codes, should be able to look into it soon. No guarantee that we will solve it, but you saved us the hassle of importing a remote :slight_smile:

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Awesome, yeah now worries! The other idea I had was seeing if I could somehow export the codes from my old broadlink? I have no clue how to go about it but it seems to work on that, I’ll actually go ahead and try to capture a few codes directly from the Broadlink onto my Bond, I’ll label them as “Ceiling Fan Broadlink 1” etc.

Edit: Done, captured 5 codes from the Broadlink.


Hey man, Ive got some tubemotors too. Tried with somfy and alpha on the app with no success. Weird thing is that if I press the programming button at the back of the remote my shades enter into some programming mode (they do the up & down thing) but bond cant send any valid command after that… could you manage to get it working finally?