Lianda RTL Blinds

“Close” recorded ok
“Open” & “Stop” weren’t sampled well
please re record them, this time, when Bond flashes blue, please fast tap the remote’s button until Bond turns green

thats the app flow:
go to your Bond app device " HunterDouglas" →
tap the top right 3 dots (ANdroid), or, 2 bars IiOS) → Edit Commands
(Or: Settings → advanced → Edit Commands in our latest app)
→ Tap “Open” → “Clear command” → tap “Open” → Record remote’s “Open”

repeat this for “Stop”

can you record the Remote’s Open/Stop/Close buttons?

Does your remote look like this?

Hi Santiago,
I think we have a hit here
But we need a recording of the remote’s buttons:
Open & Stop and also the Pair button

Hi Guy!

I have re recorded the Open and Stop buttons. Please let me know if they worked OK. I tap them repeatedly in both cases.
With respect to the “Pair” button, I might need a little more guidance. Doesn’t that put the remote in “Pair Mode” and I might loose the ability to operate it with the remote? Should I record it as the “Preset” button or something else?

Many thanks. Hopefully we do have a hit.

All the best,


its different. According to the datasheet i think the main difference is that it doesn’t have a preset and its only 1 channel instead of 5

I do have a very similar (or maybe the same) remote for another set of shades sold by the same company a couple of years later (set up on my baby’s bedroom) . I’m almost positive the remotes can work interexchangebly (with the shades set up on the master bedroom where I have the Bond Bridge).
Just letting you know.

Here is a picture.

We looked at some remote recordings from you,
looks like we need a remote here in office,
anyone has an idea where can we buy it?

There is no shopping cart here:

Other way,
if any of you has a spare remote not in use,
We’ll be happy to borrow it,
we’ll send you a shipping lable to send it to us,
we’ll return it to you after ~2 weeks.


i could share my remote but its a little bit different