Not able to pair Yoolax shade [with Alpha remote]

I have a Chinese brand Yoolax shade . The motor is actually a tuya motor because I am able to connect to it via the tuya app. But I would like to use bond to control the blind. The remote control is RE303-16c and RE301. I have tried so many times. Bond and Broadlink rm4 pro would recognize the signal , learn it but it is not able to control it when we try to play back. Have anyone been able to connect their hardwire motor with their bond or Broadlink?

Tuya is not a hardware but an automation enabling software company with a much further reach across home products than bond is centered around. So it is as a customer of automation our decision to optimize our setup using existing functions enabled by various system designs today. Bond will never be the end of all things and hence we should focus on the future of an integrated approach as unique approaches will not play a productive part of the next generation of hardware and software integration of home automation. Until Matter has proven to become the actual new standard for home automation we will be forced to mix and match based on hardware availability and compatibility with automation platforms as they exist today. Buying into a product that is advertised to be tuya compatible gave me the option of a lower cost fully custom sized panel blind for a large patio glass sliding door that was easily integrated with bond shades, blinds, and fans into an alexa centric automation environment. The greater convenience managing 11 blinds/shades within a single large space without major limitations made this a win win while excepting a heterogeneous hardware base.

Sounds like a rolling code.

\me googles

Ah, this is an Alpha Motors remote. Uses a rolling code unknown to us. Not supported at this time. No ETA.

Tnx for posting the model number of the remote, since Yoolax uses different motor technologies apparently.