Please support TUBE Motors Shades! RTL RF Coding

Hi! I found myself with this shade, but apparently is using kind of a rolling code such as somfy… which is called RTL. Can you make it possible?

Yes, please! I would like that too. I have more than 10 shades with that remote. Some work only to open, other dont work att all.

+1 on this! It would be so great! I think it would be very similar to Somfy.
I ordered a Bond bridge thinking it would work. But I have faith in you! Thanks!

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We took a look. Haven’t found a way to obtain a motor+remote yet. Nothing on ebay…

I know it is not the ideal, but I’d be more than willing to try out beta versions of the firmware on my Bond to see if it works. I bought it with the sole purpose of controlling my blinds and since it can’t, I’m not currently using it for anything.
I also believe this thread is the same as this: Lianda RTL Blinds so even more people would be interested in solving this.

I really hope we, as a community, could help Bond solve this issue, so it is not only on them and also, we can get it done quicker. So if I can try different things and report back to Bond, I’d love to do that.


found some motors on ebay:


Nice! Any luck finding remote controls that work with them?

unfortunately i didn’t find a control on ebay. I did find a repo in github that used a broadlink rf as a gateway for the rf control. Is it possible to build on top of that?

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I’m changing some of my Lianda blinds soon, I could send over the remote once I’m done using them. The remote is just the board out of the case because I wired them to be able to simulate button presses with a Shelly, but they work fine.

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How did that work? Do you have any instructions or tutorials that you follow?

I can’t seem to find the exact instructions, but they were similar to this

It’s talking about Somnfy but the remotes are very similar, I had trouble with the ESP and ended up using a Shelly 1. Also, the play around with one wire on each “leg” of the buttons, to see what actually triggers the button, since it is a bit different than Somfy.