Lag when controlling device

I have just recently got a Bond bridge device (v1 which was updated to v2 firmware)
I’m controlling a wall switch which I set with an RF command.
It looks like there are 2-3 seconds delay from the moment I send the command until the Bond device responds
It’s the same from the app and from Home Assistant which uses the Bond local AIP.
Is this expected? is there any way of making it respond faster?

I’m guessing you had to manually record this wall switch versus having it found in a template.

One of the Bond staff was able to drop by the other day and explain what is going on with very early Bond Bridge models and generic devices having a delay.

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Really? I’m curious where you bought it?

We haven’t sold the 1-st generation Bridge from our official channels in 2+ years. We still support it on the apps & backend, but we just announced last week that we will not be providing more firmware updates for it beyond v2.x. (The 2nd-generation Bridge should have a longer active support life.)

You are right, it was manually recorded and that thread seems to explains the delay. thank you!

I just got it 2nd hand, it was still wrapped up and brand new :frowning: had no idea this was 1st gen. Anything I can do with that?

I just worked on an issue like this, but I don’t know if this is the same problem.

When I first used the Bond controller, all there were was templates for different manufacturers of fans. I recently got 2 new fans but during the setup, I had no choice for a preconfigured remote and so the Bond had to learn the remote. Using the Bond controller to turn on lights had a 3 second delay.

Using the API, you can send CURL commands to the Bond controller and see what the programming looks like. I loaded up my old fans that I programmed and the “signal” that is programmed to send is very short, like a string of 50 1’s and 0’s. When I looked at the “signal” that was recorded by the Bond, the string of bits was on the order of thousands. Not only had it recorded multiple commands from a single remote button push, but it also recorded a lot of zeros before and after the pattern.

So using the API, I read the command out, pasted it into notepad, cut out the fluff, and reprogrammed the controller with the smaller pattern. After a bit of a learning curve, the light now turns on in under half a second vs the 3 seconds it took before.

The reason this was important to me is that I used a Shelly device with Home Assistant to detect when the wall switch is turned on. The switch is attached to the Shelly which sends an MQTT command that tells Home Assistant to tell the Bond Controller to turn the fan’s light on. Yes, that is a long trip, but the response time appears the same as when using the bond controller to turn the light on.

So that’s the problem with learning the remote…it records more than it needs to. I think most of the delay is pulling the huge amount of data and sending it to the transmitter to prepare it to be sent. Because even though the pattern was very long, the actual transmit time shouldn’t have been more than a second.

FYI, the fans were Home Depot fans under the Home Decorators collection They used this FCC ID remote: 2ABUP-FT1212R