Bond Bridge Pro (BD-1750) is slower to trigger devices than Bond Bridge (BD-1000)

I’m using 4x Minka Aire Fans (with lights) and 4x Somfy Clever RTS Tilt Shades. I was using a Bond Bridge (BD-1000) for the last few years, up until a couple of days ago when I upgraded to a Bond Bridge Pro (BD-1750) which is now on wired Ethernet.

There is a now 2-3 second delay from when I trigger an action via the Bond Bridge Pro (within the Bond app) to when the blinds begin to move or the fan light turns on/off. These same actions via the older Bond Bridge are nearly instantaneous when triggered. When I first installed the Bridge Pro, I had both the old Bond and Bond Pro online simultaneously and could trigger each side by side to compare and definitely see a consistent delay with the Pro. Same delay with the fan and fan light actions. Note that the blue light on the Pro does flash as soon as I press the button within the Bond app… but there’s now just a delay between when the Bond Pro flashes blue and when the fan/light/blinds respond. The physical location of the Bond Pro doesn’t seem to make any difference, I’ve moved it around without any improvement. Unfortunately, this new delay is just long enough to make somebody think it’s initially not responding.

Note that I was not able to backup from my old Bond and restore the new Pro as my old Bond was too old. I had to re-pair all my devices from scratch. The fans are using the “A3a” profile (6 speeds+reverse+light). The Somfy blinds are identified as “RMS42” and they all paired on the first attempt without issue. I have tried resetting to factory defaults and re-paired from scratch which did not help.

Anything I can do to speed this up with the Bond Bridge Pro? Firmware is the latest beta available via the app (


I don’t have any specific helpful advice to offer, but I am curious if you know (or can check) on the old Bond Bridge BD-1000 if the same Templates were assigned as the Bridge Pro BD-1750 has selected?

Yes, same template. I don’t mind the delay so much with the fan and light control, but the delay with the blind control is quite annoying.

I don’t have the old BD-1000 any longer but I’m tempted to buy another one to do further side by side testing and maybe just go back to the non-pro.

Two quick things: BBP takes longer to start transmitting because it needs to switch from Rx to tx mode.

Also, you will see longer delays if you have multiple bridges as they have to negotiate spectrum access. (BBCAP)

That said, low latency is important and I’d like to see it be as low as possible. We will take a look and see if we can shave it down. Thanks for raising this point.

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@merck Thank you for the response!

I suspected the dual bridges may cause a delay, so once I removed the non-pro, I then reset the BBP to factory defaults and set it up from scratch. This did not improve any delays with the BBP.

Regarding the BBP needing from switching from Rx to Tx mode - this makes sense, thank you. In my installation, the 2-3 second delay isn’t so much of an issue with the fan/light control, but with the blind control the delay is just long enough to make people think it didn’t work the first time, so they press the switch multiple times thinking it isn’t working (when it really is just now taking an extra few seconds to trigger in comparison to the previous BD-1000 which triggered without this extra delay).

Any improvement would be greatly appreciated. I would assume the Pro’s radio is in Rx mode by default to accommodate the sidekick switches or receive states from some supported device? Maybe some logic that leaves the BBP in Tx mode when those types of devices aren’t present or an advanced settings toggle somewhere.

Would really prefer to keep the BBP and not go back to the BD-1000 if possible.

Thanks again!

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@merck Any chance we’ll see an improvement to this delay anytime soon? Contemplating returning my BBP and going back to the original non-pro.