JStar - Missing Preset/Favorite and Vain Adjustment

I have successfully paired my JStar shades. The shades are Zebra blinds with banding and depending on the position will be partially open. The remote has a button with a heart called favorite and a wheel allowing for micro adjustments up or down. The default options are up, down, and hold.

I have attempted to create a throw away entity, learn the button, and use the API to create the commands. The wheel errors when attempting to learn. The favorite signal is captured. I took the data from the captured signal and created a preset command on my functioning entity. The command creates and seems to trigger successfully, but nothing happens on my blinds.

Any chance the JStar template can be updated to include these options… at the very least the favorite/preset option? Or anyone have any other thoughts on how I could build a work around?

Remote: JCHR35W7A - W7-Series - Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co. Ltd. (jiecangtubemotors.com)


So you’re saying we’re missing Preset and Tilt adjustment for JStar? Hmm yes we would like to improve that. I’ll see what can be done.


Thanks for the quick response Merck. This might still be in the backlog which is fine… Just wanted to see if JStar preset and tilt buttons are in the works. Appreciate you and Bond!

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Where did you buy the blinds from? I wouldn’t mind having a J-Star-powered blind in the lab as we are starting soon on Tilt feature.

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We bought them from Lafayette Interior Fashions… The motors are rebranded as Simple Motion.