CBM Blinds - Favorite position

Just got new roller blinds using CBM Bidirectional Motors.
Forgive me if this is obvious.
Setup went really well but I have a question

These blinds have 3 standard positions.
Up, Down and Favorite

The “Favorite” position is accessed by holding the stop button for a few seconds.
It’s a few inches up allowing about 1/2 light through

I can’t figure out how to add a another command and learn the code transmitted by the remote for a long press of the hold button.

Or perhaps there is a way to create a “scene” where I could set a group of blinds each to a specific open percentage?


Not obvious. Depends on what kind of control interface you manage to get in the app. Ideally you’d get a slider and then you can get any % in a scene. (Try the latest v4 beta.)

after much messing about I can use google to do it but it’s slow and one blind at a time.
What I really need is the ability to learn the channel 0 commands on my remote. but that doesn’t work and it’s been with support for a long while with no help.