Is my Bond Bridge Pro broadcasting an open hidden network?

My Bond Bridge Pro is connected via Ethernet. My Unifi network app is showing a hidden wifi network is being broadcast, and it lists Olibra LLC as the Vendor. My Bridge, according to the Bond app, has a MAC ending in 06:78 for wifi (shown as Not set" status) and ending in 06:7B for Eithernet. The hidden network has a Mac ending in 06:79, all other values being the same as the other two MACs. I wondered if this was from a neighbour to start with, but the MACs are just too close. Any idea what this network could be? It’s certainly poluting the spectrum.


At one point we had issues switching between AP and station mode. The fix was to leave the AP active but hidden when the station is enabled. To ensure that the hidden network’s beacon packets do not cause spectrum pollution, we increased the beacon interval by 600X from the default 100 ms to the maximum allowed by our wifi driver of 60 sec.

Does your scan show the airtime usage by network? It should be insanely low because the beacon interval is so long and its got no clients associated. But, it’s possible we are wrong about that.

Thank you for the reply. What is meant by “station mode”? I could see the network appearing and disappearing every 30 seconds or so, but I can’t see airtime usage. Do you have any theories as to why the MAC address is so similar, but not identical, to the ones shown as being used by the Bridge in the Bond app?