Bond Bridge Pro - first test

Ok, I got my Bond Bridge Pro, thanks guys.

  1. Connected via WiFi - tried to update FW (from 2.17.2 to 2.17.4) - keep getting error 107

Connected via Ethernet - after a couple of err. 107 managed to update FW.

  1. Start HomeSeer plugin - mDNS discovery gets confused by two services found (one without IP):

Not that it’s helpful in this case, but on my network, I do not see a “-1” or “-2” suffix’d listing.
My only mDNS entry is of the Bond Pro ID directly, and it resolves correctly.

@endy - is this something you’ve seen in any of your test setups or do you otherwise have an idea why Alex might be seeing this in his environment?

@merck - another instance where ethernet seemed to be the fix for 107 (but I think you’re already tracking this on the 2.17.2 upgrade)

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About the FW update issue, we have done a lot of investigations, but couldn’t find the cause. The good part is that looks like v2.17.4 fixes it.

I believe @alexbk66 is seeing two services because the device is connected over Ethernet and has the Wi-Fi set up.

Can you try to disconnect from Ethernet or forget the Wi-Fi and check if you have any different results?

ahhh, yes, thanks @endy - that makes sense.

I set up the Pro with PoE / ethernet initially, so I never activated / set up WiFi on this unit.

Ah, that’s a good point. This could cause some trouble if one of the interfaces goes down and then the mDNS name is stuck with the -2 on it. That could make it harder for the app or other API clients to connect. All the more reason to use BPUP discovery :slight_smile:

So Chris, is it something you could fix? Zeroconf I suspect is more popular than BPUP discovery… BTW, what’s BPUP discovery?

We cannot fix the mDNS standard, which is braindead in a few ways, in particular not handling multiple interfaces well.

We could discourage users from setting up both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, or forcibly disable this via the firmware.

But it’s a quite minor issue I think. There’s only an issue if users (a) use both Wi-Fi and Ethernet simultaneously and (b) one of these interfaces has a connectivity issue during discovery.


See BPUP section of API docs:

The only reason why I had to setup Ethernet - because I couldn’t update FW via WiFi (error 107).

And I can’t understand the mDNS problem with two interfaces - if each interface has its own IP - then mDNS could report two different services on two different endpoints?

And I know what BPUP is (I use in HomeSeer integration) - I just can’t see how it can be used for discovery (BPUP discovery)?

I guess we don’t document the discovery use case.

Basically, you can send a BPUP packet to the broadcast addr ( and all Bonds on the local network will reply with their Bond IDs (and you’ll get the IP addr from those replies’ metadata).

And, in firmware v2.18+, we’ve added d (discoverable) and v (version) fields on mDNS, BPUP, and MQTT, to save some requests in discovery. (This is discussed in the latest API docs.)