iOS v2.14.1-beta1 / Android v2.14.2-beta1

Hey guys,
yesterday we deployed beta versions of both apps, that’s v2.14.2-beta1 on Android , which is available in Fabric and v2.14.1 (1778) on iOS, which is available in Testflight.

Here’s what changed and what we would like for you to test.

Both Apps

  • Better offline support - you should be able to control your Bonds in the local network even if there’s no Internet
  • Fix Login/Sign Up email issues - some users weren’t able to migrate their v1 accounts
  • Improvements on the Add Flow - should show fewer errors and check if the Bond was added in the account faster.
  • Communication improvements
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes

This is a patch update, so there are no new features to test, since it’s most stability and performance improvements. But please let me know if you experience any weirdness or if this update fixed some issue you were having.


Update: iOS version available in Testflight!

After install last night of the latest Beta 2.14.2 beta 1 I couldn’t get some fans working. First I had to disable the skill then re-enable it. Next I had to delete duplicate Alexa devices that somehow were added to the app. Now all working but get occasional error “Provider not responding”. Will continue testing.

Hey Joel, that’s really odd, as the app should be totally independent of Alexa and other cloud integrations. Hmmm.

I agree, but instead of the “I am having problems” Alexa error I get the provider error. I have had to start adding commands that seem to have been erased after this install. Example: The Guest fan had a light off command, and it was missing. The Office fan was also missing the power off command. One fan left to check.

UPDATE: Bedroom fan on a different BOND no problems. All fans working now. A bit of info sometimes the BOND devices in Alexa show duplicates, and they have to be removed. This is without asking Alexa to discover devices.

Do you have only the new skill enabled?

If you are referring to BOND Home yes it is enabled.