3.3.8-beta issue

I recently updated to 3.3.8-beta, I didn’t particularly have a reason to, everything was working fine before I did the update, now I can no longer control my bond connected fans via Smarthings and Alexa integration. The Bond app is working, SmartThings says the devices are offline, any chance I can revert back to the production firmware…I’ve tried everything I’ve read about fixing this issue. Thx

You should be able to change back to Stable / Production in the app.

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I did that, but it remains on Beta firmware, there is no prompt or anything that says a firmware update is available when I switch to stable, so I can revert.

Hey @stratsnpauls

Unfortunately, the v3 update is not easily reversible… There are some big changes, and that’s the cause for it to be a major version update (from v2.x.x to v3.x.x).

I can work with the integrations team to fix your issue with SmartThings and Alexa. Can you explain me what’s going on? Just not responding? What are the states for these integrations in the Manage Integrations screen in the app?

One other option is to perform a reset on your unit or to restore a backup. I can help you with this too, if you prefer.

Yes, not responding.
Smarthings shows the fans under bond control to be unresponsive.

Integration show
alexa state enabled
google assistant state enabled
smartthings state enabled.
I also did a green reset per support, but did not help.

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I’m back on line…

  1. Unplugged the Bond, plug back in.
  2. Wait for the solid blue light
  3. Open browser and go to the IP Address of bond. It will ask for the PIN and Account code…then you press “Add Bond to Account”
    You then can configure for Ethernet or WIFI, once I configured for WIFI, I got the message “Your Bond is Conected to Cloud!” (yes, with the typo!)
    Both Smartthings and Alexa are controlling Bond again!!!

I’m still on beta but I don’t care as long as it works!


Good to read that!

Will share your steps with the CS team so they can help others that may face the same issue.

Thank you!

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