BOND BETA Firmware v1.117.5 (in iOS & Android v1.122.2)

Hi All,

Some users have reported Alexa/GH connectivity issues in recent weeks. We narrowed it down to a firmware problem that only occurs on some customer networks. We believe we have a fix in firmware v1.117.5, included in apps v1.122.2.

We’d appreciate some help in testing this version. — All you need to do is upgrade, and try using Alexa/GH/IFTTT. If you have any trouble connecting, please “Send Firmware Logs to Support” (by tapping on BOND firmware version 7 times and then tapping the hidden button), and let us know your BOND ID here, along with a description of what is wrong.

We’re trying to maximize the reliability of the BOND with these tweaks. Thanks for your help!