iOS/Android Apps - v2.15.0-beta2 release

Hey guys,
we deployed beta versions of both apps, that’s:

  • v2.15.0-beta1 on Android , which is available in Fabric
  • v2.15.0(1949) on iOS , which is available in Testflight.

If you are not a beta tester yet, join in these links:

These releases have a lot of new small features that should improve your experience. Here’s the changelog:

Both Apps

  • Add an option to wipe Wi-Fi or wipe all data on Bond Bridge and SBB removal
  • Support for Up and Down lights on supported SBB fans
  • You can now change your password in the app
  • Showing the network info for Bond Bridges and SBB devices - also you can change the connected Wi-Fi
  • You can now remove unused commands for offline one-click devices. (remotes that we find on our database)
    • You can also restore the default commands after removing them.
  • Showing the Device ID in the Device Settings for Bridged Devices
  • Stop momentary commands (dimmers) when leaving the screen
  • Lot’s of fixes and stability improvements

Android Specific

We are very excited about the widget - please try it out and share what you think!

– Edit —

Releasing beta2 version with some minor fixes for both apps.
Most importantly, it fixes an Android Widget issue where the commands or the device name would sometimes disappear.
They should be available shortly on the same links as above.

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Testing soon! :slightly_smiling_face: