Bridge Firmware v2.14.0-beta (Schedules are here!)

Today we’ve made BETA firmware available for Bond Bridge (all serials).

Like the last beta, the big news is the Schedules support. But we’ve also snuck in a “Usage History” feature so you can see when and why your devices change state. More about that in the v2.26 app beta release notes. (EDIT: You’ll need v2.26.1 app for this feature.)


Date: 2020-08-11

Changes since v2.11.14

  • Support scheduled events
  • Support Usage History (requires v2.26+ app version, available in Beta but not yet App Stores)
  • Fix IncreaseSpeed action’s interaction with SetSpeed. Previously, IncreaseSpeed had strange interactions with SetSpeed, and trying to increase speed by more than 1 speed at a time caused an increase of only one speed. This should be resolved now.
  • Add a bunch of local remotes:
    • RFP15: FCC ID VA8LB020
    • RCF240: Prominence 2AQZU-18007
    • RCF165: Hampton Bay “Premier” FCC ID F08UC7091T
    • RCF188: FCC ID A25-43
    • RCF239: Yosemite Remote Control
  • Fix bug in database that caused occasional data loss, including Somfy shades that stop working
  • Reduce default reps for A1/A1a remotes to avoid going into dimming mode when toggling lights for a handful of ceiling fans in this family.

(Zermatt only)

  • Improve WiFi compatibility (ESP-IDF upgrade to v3.3.2)
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Love the idea of Usage History. Can’t wait to dig in!
Android App Tester shows latest version of 2.24.0-beta1.

Is there any possibility of having a non-PATCH method in the API for trust states and toggle?
Something like an Action we can call which would flip / fix trust state of a device component? Or an action that transmits a toggle command WITHOUT updating the trust state?

Still struggle sometimes with trust state between all my hacked integrations, and some platforms I use don’t support PATCH (so I have to use a RPi to add a way for my integrations to call a PATCH).

I hear you. Sure we could add a special field to override the method. So if we see "_m": 4 in the body we would do a PATCH, 2 = POST, etc., similar to how we did _token field to workaround integrations that cannot do HTTP headers…

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Hey @residualimages, @jacob jumped right on this yesterday and we’ve shipped this in v2.14.1-beta, available now (for Zermatt only… Snowbird takes a while to build :slight_smile: ). Do let us know if it works for your intended application, and we will document and make it official.

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Whoa, sweet! @jacob you’re a beast. Updating ZZ now and will report back.

Should Android beta app have a 2.26+ release available in App Tester, btw?

Not finding the Usage History - even on Android 2.26 beta.
Is this something that is only related to Schedules? Like, without a Schedule a device / Bridge won’t show it?
In my mind, I had it have “API call from IP Address” and “App call from IP Address” or “Scheduled change from System” kind of entries on it, but maybe that’s not what it was meant to show.

Also sent a message to @jacob , because I’m being a bit challenged with the new “_m” option I’d like to try.

Sorry, I screwed up the version number for app. It will be v2.26.1. not v2.26.0. Coming to beta in a day or two…

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v2.14.3-beta is now here with a fix for scheduled events with an argument (e.g. Set Speed 3).

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Please be advised there was a bug (fixed in v2.14.5, released now) which caused about 10% of somfy shades to stop accepting the “Close” command. (You’d get a “communication error” in the app). All you need to do is upgrade to the v2.14.5 firmware.

this shows up now, and is very awesome! :+1::+1: