Incorrect Fan Template

My fan remote is recognized and gives me several options (templates?) to pick from.

But I’m caught in a catch-22 since two of the templates only half-work for me in different ways.


  1. A1 - Fan controls work perfectly but light dimming does not get remembered.
  2. D1 - light controls and dimming works perfectly but fan controls don’t work.
  3. (similar half-working issues with D1x and others)
  4. I would manually record this fan but that doesn’t allow me to add a dimming command

I have 3 of these fans in my house and I would appreciate any help to get this resolved as it seems like just a new template is needed for my type of fan with a mix of the right commands that already exist (I assume).

If it helps, my fan remote’s FCC ID is Y7ZDL4112T and model # is DL-4112

Interesting, we actually just were working with that remote control for another task here. @jacob, do you know what template the “sizzler” remote is on the Bridge side?

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any that match. It’s similar to many existing templates but not quite the same, as @afaq is experiencing. Luckily, this is one of the remotes I brought home with me, so I’ll give it a more thorough investigation tomorrow.