Incorrect Fan Template

My fan remote is recognized and gives me several options (templates?) to pick from.

But I’m caught in a catch-22 since two of the templates only half-work for me in different ways.


  1. A1 - Fan controls work perfectly but light dimming does not get remembered.
  2. D1 - light controls and dimming works perfectly but fan controls don’t work.
  3. (similar half-working issues with D1x and others)
  4. I would manually record this fan but that doesn’t allow me to add a dimming command

I have 3 of these fans in my house and I would appreciate any help to get this resolved as it seems like just a new template is needed for my type of fan with a mix of the right commands that already exist (I assume).

If it helps, my fan remote’s FCC ID is Y7ZDL4112T and model # is DL-4112

Interesting, we actually just were working with that remote control for another task here. @jacob, do you know what template the “sizzler” remote is on the Bridge side?

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any that match. It’s similar to many existing templates but not quite the same, as @afaq is experiencing. Luckily, this is one of the remotes I brought home with me, so I’ll give it a more thorough investigation tomorrow.


I came here to say that I am experiencing the same issue with the exact same remote. The A1 template almost works, but toggling the fan light ignores the dimming level I had set the light to beforehand, resulting in 100% brightness every time the light is turned on.

I instead had to have the Bond manually learn that command.

On a side note, the A1 template also comes with two identically named dimming buttons. It’s unclear why there are two, if the original remote only has one that results in the light cycling from low to high and vice versa.