Hubitat integration

Just signed up to this forum. I’d love to see Bond integration with Hubitat!


I second this. I have a Hubitat and can sort of get around things by using IFTTT, but it’s not as good as true integration. The best I can do to have Hubitat control a fan is to setup discrete IFTTT commands for Fan Off, Fan 33%, Fan 66%, Fan 100%, Fan Light On, and Fan Light Off. This is pretty hokey. Ideally, I would have just a single device (maybe 2 for separate fan/light) and be able to command it directly.

I don’t have any fans setup to use Bond, but I signed up for their API beta. I have it able to turn my fireplace on/off via Hubitat using the API. That means this is definitely possible. Unfortunately I don’t have any way to test otherwise I’d try to build something. Once I get my code fully working for fireplaces though I’ll definitely share it so others can enhance it.


Thanks for that info! That’s excellent news that you’ve succeeded in getting the local API working in Hubitat. I have two Emerson brand ceiling fans that work well with the current Bond app but the local control and Hubitat integration is definitely what I’m hoping for in the future…

+1 I’d also like to see official Hubitat and Bond support.

Hi @KakaduDreamer @takedownca @dman2306 @jchurch

Thank you for creating this topic. I’m going to add Hubitat to the integration list.
Hubitat is this one, right?



Yes, that’s it! Thank you!

Wow great news to wake up to. Many thanks and yes that’s the one.

btw, If you need a Hubitat staff contact let me know as I have been dealing with one in relation to support for other products.

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Thanks, @jchurch.

We are working on Alexa, Google, and Smartthings.
After that, we are going to get another one from the list.

Also, I was reading about Hubitat, and I think the integration is possible using our local API.

Did you guys try that?



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To be clear, Hubitat is an integration that we want to see. It may be a community-developed integration, but with prioritized support from Bond team. This model may ultimately result in a faster, and better integration than if we took it on ourselves. (Small team here, and Alexa/GH/ST keep us busy with their API changes!)


Yes the local API works. I already have my fireplace integrated using the API (I’ve only coded on/off so far, but the rest are possible) – it’s summer programming my fireplace hasn’t been a priority :slight_smile:

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Well it’s summer so that means ceiling fans, not fireplaces! I don’t have the mad programming skills needed to take on the task of writing an integration using the local API. I’m hoping someone out there will take on the mantle of coding awesomeness and develop a community app for Hubitat to integrate ceiling fans… :grinning: In the meantime I’m using IFTTT between Hubitat and Bond. (ugh!)

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Unfortunately I don’t have any compatible fans so I have nothing to play around with to test it…

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I’m finally at the point where I’m good with people beta testing. I added support for fans though I don’t have any to test with. My fireplace works great though. More details can be found on the Hubitat forum.

Let me know how it works. It does require the v2 firmware (and getting your local token is much easier if you have the v2 app. Let me know what you think. If there are fan issues I’ll try to debug, but it’ll be hard without a device to test with!

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