If I set up bond bridge will normal remote still work

I have a balcony awning and some shade controllers I want to set up in bond bridge. My questions before I go ahead and set them up:

  1. will I still be able to use my normal remote controllers after I set them up in bb?

  2. Also if I am able to use both bb and normal remote then I guess the bb won’t accurately know if the awning is closed or open?

  3. my awning controller was set up with a maximum open stop. I am not sure how but this is programmed in the remote. Will bb know what the maximum open and close are? I.e are these stored in the destination motor or the remote itself ?

Answer to Q1: yes
Answer to Q2: unless there is a toggle function for open/close it doesn’t matter since BB will not change the current state if the signal is just try to establish a state that is already present.
Answer to Q3: It may depend on the system but most have the endpoints stored in the motor. So you should find the procedure to set it up beforehand.


For awning remotes and shades there is usually a separate open and close button. There isn’t a single button to open close. So I guess it won’t know the state. But I don’t think it matters since I probably won’t do any automations and will be able to see if it’s open or close.

If the awning controller/remote is Somfy (likely, given the apparent market share) then the bond system just mimics the remote. You can still use the Somfy remote (btw, mine has 3 buttons in out and “My”) but I find I have no need for it. I use my iPhone or Alexa or my iPad to control the awning.

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