Hubitat, Bond and Hunter Fan problem

Hi guys,

dman2306 from the Hubitat community was helping me to solve an issue and he mentioned it might be Bond related.

I have 3 Hunter Fans ( and all are working fine using the Bond app. I connected them to Hubitat with dman2306’s app but I have some issues with the fan’s speeds.

dman2306 mentioned the fans supports 6 speeds and HE only supports 5 so it has to map between the two, so high = 6, medium-high = 5, medium = 3, medium-low = 2, low = 1 which seems like exactly what it is doing and is also sending the right values to the API based on the logs:

The problem is how the fans behave in real life:
When I select “low=1”, the fan’s speed changes to low which is good.
But when I select any of the other ones (medium-low=2 or medium=3 or medium-high=5 or high=6) the fan’s speed are always on high.

Any help would be appreciated.


Yeah, definitely seems closely related to your SmartThings issue. If you’d like me to take a closer look at what’s happening, you can PM me your Bond’s serial.