Fan Speeds with Alexa

Hi there. I just got my Bond and it’s working great. However, I have a ceiling fan (Hunter brand) that I had to learn manually in Bond app. It has 4 speeds and a light. Everything work well in Bond and Smartthings also recognizes it fine (fan light and fan being two separate smartthings devices).

Alexa however, doesn’t understand speeds. I can turn on fan light or fan, but fan seems to just be a simple on/off toggle. Any tips to be able to control speed? Thanks.

Hi @Robert!

I’m Endy, one of the mobile app developers, and will try to help you.

You should be able to control the speed with no issue.
As a first step debugging, I would like to ask you to test to control the device speed using the Alexa app.
The steps to do this are:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app
  2. Select Devices tab
  3. Select All Devices
  4. Select the desired device
  5. Control it

Let me know if the “device control screen” shows a slider and you can control it or not.

If you prefer to take this debugging more private, send me a direct message.

Good to mention that these are the following recognized commands:

“Set to speed #”
“Set to low/medium/high”
"Set to 0-100 percent

Thanks. I should have clarified. The fan appears as a switch in the Alexa app. On or off with no slider. The fan light appears as another device. I have a raspberry pi running homebridge in addition and the fan and speeds work there just fine (controlled with HomeKit on iOS). Thanks.

Was there ever an answer to this thread? I have a similar issue. I had to manually learn the remote which was fine, and from the Bond app, I can now successfully control the operation of the fan. Alexa, however, sees the fan as a switch and only allows me to turn it on or off. It doesn’t allow me to control the fan speed. The other point to note here is that the fan doesn’t have a H/M/L or 1/2/3 speed setting. Instead it has increase/decrease speed controls which will adjust the speed up or down based on the last known speed. Any suggestions for how I should go about getting Alexa to recognize the device as a fan and be able to control the speed?

@ellia1965 - is that true in the on screen Alexa mobile app, or just the voice assistant part of Alexa?

I don’t use Alexa, but I know @endy mentioned that is where he wanted to check first to see if a slider was present.

Voice commands are fine, now that I added the Bond skill to Alexa (duh!), but the problem persists for routines. As I mentioned in my original post, my fan supports increase/decrease only to adjust speed, so to get it to the 3rd speed requires you to press increase, increase, increase on the remote, or ask Alexa to “increase speed on Ceiling Fan” 3 times. When setting a routine, I get the option to adjust the speed via a slider on the Alexa app, but that doesn’t help me, unfortunately. I started a support ticket with Bond yesterday and am waiting for their response.

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