Fan Speeds with Alexa

Hi there. I just got my Bond and it’s working great. However, I have a ceiling fan (Hunter brand) that I had to learn manually in Bond app. It has 4 speeds and a light. Everything work well in Bond and Smartthings also recognizes it fine (fan light and fan being two separate smartthings devices).

Alexa however, doesn’t understand speeds. I can turn on fan light or fan, but fan seems to just be a simple on/off toggle. Any tips to be able to control speed? Thanks.

Hi @Robert!

I’m Endy, one of the mobile app developers, and will try to help you.

You should be able to control the speed with no issue.
As a first step debugging, I would like to ask you to test to control the device speed using the Alexa app.
The steps to do this are:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app
  2. Select Devices tab
  3. Select All Devices
  4. Select the desired device
  5. Control it

Let me know if the “device control screen” shows a slider and you can control it or not.

If you prefer to take this debugging more private, send me a direct message.

Good to mention that these are the following recognized commands:

“Set to speed #”
“Set to low/medium/high”
"Set to 0-100 percent

Thanks. I should have clarified. The fan appears as a switch in the Alexa app. On or off with no slider. The fan light appears as another device. I have a raspberry pi running homebridge in addition and the fan and speeds work there just fine (controlled with HomeKit on iOS). Thanks.