Hunter 99111 Fan/Remote


I’m trying to use my new Bond w/an existing Hunter ceiling fan w/wall mounted remote. The remote is the hunter 99111, I believe it is running on 434MHz. Bond is not learning the commands, not even registering that it reads them. Anyone have this working or know a work around?

It is listed as a supported device; you can try manually setting the scanning to RF and frequency of 434 in the Bond app under Advanced before attempting to “listen” for the keypresses.

Also, you can use the Help Chat in the Bond app during business hours, or send an email to to open a ticket.

I have found that you need to change from auto-detect to manually either IR or RF depending on what unit it is

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I got it to work finally! Come to find out the remote must be 6" or less from Bond for it to register. I was trying to register the remote at 5’ and it would not work, once I moved much closer it registered fine. This was with fresh batteries, so note for future users trying to register with this.


Thanks for updating us all!

Some of the various remotes out there work best at 6" or less, some at 3’, and others only if you squint your left eye seemingly. Good to have this one documented with your experience :grin: