Smartthings, Bond and Hunter Fan problem

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I think the situation I’m going to mention and the problem I already posted here (Hubitat, Bond and Hunter Fan problem) are related and I hope you can help me out.

I have 3 Hunter Fans (, when added them to bond I used the IN2TX45 option, here are the screenshots from the app and the remote control.

I connected the Bond to Smartthings following Chris’s post from here ( and I have it imported on Smartthings, here is how it looks:

What works OK:

  • All options from the Bond App (lights On/Off, fan On/Off, fan speed and winter/summer switch). The fan’s manual shows the fan has 4 speeds and looks like the fan cycle them every time I push the speed-up or speed-down.
  • When the fan is in “off” or “low” the light and the winter/summer switches work OK from the Smartthing’s app.

What doesn’t work:

  • Smartthings app doesn’t show 4 speeds, only shows 3: low, medium and high
  • On the Smartthings App I can change the fan speed to “low” but if i select “medium” automatically changes to “high”
  • Once is on “high” on the Smartthing, I lose all control of everything on both Bond and Smartthings apps and I have to rely on the fan’s remote control.

Any idea what could it be?

Thanks a lot,

I can speak to this one. If I remember correctly, when we built the SmartThings integration, only 2- and 3-speed fan controllers were available. I’m looking now, and there is a 4-speed controller available, so I’ll add it to our roadmap.

This is very odd! If you’d like, PM me your Bond’s serial number and I’ll take a look.

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Hi Jacob, the serial number is: ZZDD35101

Thanks a lot,