Aeratron Fan Control: Inaccurate Button Matching


Brand new user here.

Just got my bridge today and I am trying to make it work with an Aeratron Fan (6-speed, no light).

First tried to reproduce the toggle button in the app with no luck. The bridge turns green, but the newly created button has no effect. I then replaced it with one button for on and another for off (even though the original remote only has a toggle) and it sort of works, except for the following: when I press the On button with the fan already on, it will keep it on but decrease the speed to the min level.

I also matched the increase and decrease speed buttons on the original remote with a mixed success: when I press the Increase Speed button in the app, it will bring the fan to max speed while the decrease speed will bring it to minimum speed.

Are there any tools to diagnose the issues and fine tune the commands? Are these known problems?

Thanks in advance.

Correction: the on button created in the app does turn the fan on, but at the lowest speed, so it is working consistently, but not as expected. With the original remote, turning on the fan brings it back to the previously used speed.

One of the best troubleshooting steps the Bond staff usually asks for is the FCC ID of the remote (sometimes on the back, sometimes under a battery door), as well as pictures of the remote itself.