HomeDepot/Carro fan does register speed buttons

Have this fan from HomeDepot that is supplied by a company named Carro. DC motor with light kit (dimmable) and 10 speeds.

Bond unit has latest v3.14.1 firmware and works with 4 fans at present.

I managed to make light work off/on but cannot seem to get other button to register. Even if it registers, it does not work. Any assistance appreciated.

See if you can find an FCC ID on the remote (might be in the battery compartment if not on the rear of the remote).

@residualimages -
Oddly there are no markings on the back nor anywhere. Attached pix

Interesting. The only FCC listings directly for companies with the name “Carro” do show two remotes that are similar though not exactly like yours. Not that ceiling fan manufacturers always use remotes and receivers they themselves send through the FCC, but since they both look similar…

Those are both 2.4 GHz RF remotes, though, and would not supported by the Bond Bridge at a hardware level…
But you were able to get the fan light to consistently power on and off? Hmm. My knowledge of RF signals is nascent at best, so I’ll defer to others in the community (or even the Bond staff if they are able to stop by) as to if it is possible for certain 2.4 GHz signals to be triggered by I don’t know, a “harmonic” ~400 MHz signal?
If you’re familiar/comfortable with command line / terminal on a computer, I can help you find what frequency the Bond Bridge “heard” for the device you recorded.

Meanwhile, might be worth asking the manufacturer for support specifically around what the FCC ID is; they seem to list replacement ones that closely match here.

Thanks Matt,
I’m comfortable checking. Challenge is I’ve never ssh’d or used any means to directly interface with Bond.
I just re-added the fan with single button to see frequency and it shows as 433.880 as shown in attached screenshot.
Hopefully someone from Bond tech team can shed some light.

This was all I was going to help you find at this time, by using cURL to look through the saved Device’s Signal properties via the Local API, so no need to bust out those skills since you had a ready screenshot. :smiley:

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That’s very interesting!
Does the Bond recognize the speed buttons you mention as not working? By recognizing I mean showing this “Test the command” screen.

If you wish, we can look into your logs and try to understand what’s going wrong. Just need your permission, Bond ID and Device name.

Thank you!

Hi Endy,
If it helps to get this working here’s the BondID - ZZCJ09818
Device named as TV Ceiling Fan - somehow if I try to change to ‘Fan’ it complains that device name is in use.

Speed button is iffy to register and after many tries gets that green ring glowing, doesn’t test at the time but later it works sporadically. Other than light I also have speed 3 that is registered as shown in attached screenshot

Let me know if there is anything additional you would like me to try.


Thanks! That’s all info I needed to check your logs :slight_smile:

I see that you already have a device called Fan. Having two devices with the same name would be a mess for integrations, that’s why we do not allow it.

Looking for your remote I got curious on how it works…
You turn on to always the same speed or does it keep the last registered speed?
If you change the speed out of the fan range, and then change it back in the range, does it get the correct speed or goes just one step?
Example: Fan on and set to speed 3. Walk away. Turn speed up 2 times. Walk back. Turn speed up. Fan goes to speed 4 or 6?

Our remotes specialist is out for some days right now, will ask him to check ASAP.

@endy - Device has been working on sporadic basis however it will not keep the last speed. Only light works consistently JUST ONCE then failed.

To make this less miserable I replaced the fan with a different one and all seems to be well now.
This can be archived.

I can definitely open a new topic if needed.

Here’s a link to new fan

Challenge with this new install is there are just 6 speeds available while fan itself has 9 speeds. After programming I find that when fan is set to ‘6’ using Bond, that is in fact 66% speed. Is it possible to add 7, 8 & 9 for this remote? Remote uses template of RCF98v2 as indicated in Bond app.

Fan remote has FCC ID - CHQ7225T and IC ID - 2968A-7225