Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan Not Working

Hello! We recently installed a 52" Casa Vieja Delta Wing 3-speed ceiling fan with no light (Model No: 4F570) and I can’t get any commands to work from the Bond Home iOS app. When the app asks me to repeatedly press the fan speed 1 button, I can occasionally get it to give me a green light, but when it asks me to test the button it never turns the fan on. It says it detected the RF signal to be 300.400 MHz, but the FCC report for the remote’s FCC ID says it operates at 301.3 MHz. The remote is marked as supported in Bond’s database:


Here are the details of my Bond Bridge:

Model: BD-1000
Firmware: v3.3.19

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work? Please let me know if I can provide any additional information! Thanks!

You can go into advanced options, and specify RF and the exact frequency, rather than staying in Auto.

RF can be interesting in some of the real world environments, so there could be a bit of background “noise” not letting it fully detect the 301.3 automatically.

Thanks for the reply! I tried that and I could never get the Bond light to turn green. It didn’t seem like it was recognizing the remote presses at all (the blue light never blinked out of it’s usual sequence). Any other ideas?

No specific ideas, other than “keep trying”.

The Bond staff, and I / others in the community, have had some RF remotes that only like to record / recognize at 1 ft away, others at 7 ft away, others seem impossible unless eating a peanut butter sandwich with your left hand while recording, etc. :smile:

That being said, you can ask for official real time support via Chat in the Bond app during business hours, or via email to The forums are more of a community thing, though Bond staff do come through here to help us out when they are able.