Hombridge: Generic IR Blaster devices like "Homebridge Broadlink"

Hi all - new Bond user, and loving the experience so far. I had an RF blind that had been orphaned for years which I was finally able to hook up to Homebridge (thanks to the great hombridge-blinds plugin!).

Now onto the next task: replacing the Broadlink RM4 Pro IR/RF blaster being used to control the AC in multiple rooms.

Is there a Homebridge plugin similar to Homebridge Broadlink RM where you can create different devices and execute IR codes?

I tried searching but came up empty.

Here’s a pic of the configuration in Homebridge which would be great to replicate somehow:

Bump? Any thoughts?

How can I set up an AC unit with IR codes?

If you have a way to send the IR codes, you can likely record them with (“teach” them to) a Bond Bridge (not the Pro model Bridges, though).

You may have to get creative on the type of device you tell Bond it is, in order to get enough buttons to assign a recorded value. I usually use a Ceiling Fan or Fireplace device for my raw-recorded / taught devices, as Generic type devices only default to a few buttons available to train.

I recorded a Hi Sense AC/Heater combo as a Ceiling Fan type device in my Bond Bridges, for instance.

If you don’t have a way to send the IR commands, it becomes more difficult. You could probably eventually get the signals encoded and set via command line API calls to the Bond Bridge, but there’s no quick way to upload a set of IR codes. See here for some ideas of CQ encoding Signals.