Controlling IQAir and others

For anyone looking to control an IQAir Health Pro Plus, or other, I can confirm that the Bond Bridge works perfectly, though the setup has a few layers.

First and foremost, I didn’t have my original remote for the IQAir, so I had to find an alternate way to learn the commands. I used a Harmony One programmable remote first(The IQAir is in the Harmony device database), to establish a remote that had all of the commands that the IQAir would recognize. I then used the Bond learn function to configure the bond, “teaching” it the commands using the Harmony.

End result is perfect IR control using the Bond Bridge.

I suspect this would be a great way to control LOTS of devices. The Bond appears to work pretty well as an IR blaster, I wonder why they haven’t done more with this functionality. It would be great if I could just pull from a database of known IR devices and feature them on the Bond app(and connected Home automation apps)

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Thanks for the post, Ben!