Controlling IQAir and others

For anyone looking to control an IQAir Health Pro Plus, or other, I can confirm that the Bond Bridge works perfectly, though the setup has a few layers.

First and foremost, I didn’t have my original remote for the IQAir, so I had to find an alternate way to learn the commands. I used a Harmony One programmable remote first(The IQAir is in the Harmony device database), to establish a remote that had all of the commands that the IQAir would recognize. I then used the Bond learn function to configure the bond, “teaching” it the commands using the Harmony.

End result is perfect IR control using the Bond Bridge.

I suspect this would be a great way to control LOTS of devices. The Bond appears to work pretty well as an IR blaster, I wonder why they haven’t done more with this functionality. It would be great if I could just pull from a database of known IR devices and feature them on the Bond app(and connected Home automation apps)

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Thanks for the post, Ben!

We have three IQAir Filters in the house and would like to control turning them on and off at specific time and adjusting the speeds. Were you able to adjust the IQAir speed from 1-6?

I am looking to purchase the Bond Bridge Pro to control my SOMFY Blinds and IQAIr filters.

@PLCMAN5880 - note that the Bond Bridge Pro does not include IR hardware (only has RF) - the more simple Bond Bridge does both IR and RF.
Also, IR requires line of sight to function.

So while Somfy blinds would be compatible either way, the IQAir filters, if they’re IR like Ben’s IQAir device, would need a regular Bridge (not Pro), and would need to physically be able to “see” the 3 devices (so, depending on location, you might need up to 3 Bridges).

Thank you for the quick reply. That is going to create a problem as I currently have three SOMFY myLink’s that I was hoping to replace with the Bond Pro. The myLink’s have terrible wireless range and will only connect to t he 2.Ghz band. The entire house is already wired with CAT5E and I was hoping to go with that wired solution.

Your quick response saved me as I was getting ready to order the Bond Bridge Pro.

@PLCMAN5880 - seems like 3 Bond Bridges would be less cost than 1 Bond Bridge Pro if I remember MSRP correctly - so I think you’d (conceivably) be okay with that setup and cost (granted, without the wired backbone connection to the Bridges)?