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Hello everyone. I have a ceiling fan that I know will be controlled via the bond device. I am new to home assistant and am looking to use it with a bond device. I might need to “teach” the bond device the rf codes and I think I saw that the pro does not allow teaching. Wanted to confirm this as well as see what other differences are between the pro and non pro devices. Lastly I would like this to be all local and not need the cloud. My ISP connection is via cell service and sometimes goes out.


The Pro can indeed “learn” RF signals (if in range and not rolling code), just like the normal Bridge, for devices not found in the RF database.

Of note: the Pro does not have IR capabilities at all, so there are no database matches nor “teaching” available for that (though it’s not of worry to your use case, it sounds like), unlike the normal Bridge.

And yes, the Bridges can operate in either Local Only or the default Local/Cloud mode; even in the default mode, the API calls that HA and other integrations leverage are all Local network calls.
The Bond Cloud aspect is just to allow the Bond app to work on mobile devices when not connected to the network on which a Bridge or Smart By Bond device resides.

If you know the FCC ID of your fan, you can see if the Bond team has tested it here: Supported Devices | Bond .

(You can also find a quick table comparing the two Bridges here.)

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Ah, sad day.
Wonder if the Bond folks are expecting a new batch soon? I sent a chat message to Bond’s support so they can make sure it’s not a website glitch (or if it is, correct it).

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Additional inventory now, so the Bond storefront allows us to add to cart again.

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