Will it be possible to voice-trigger any IR/RF code learned by Bond Bridge?

I’ve integrated many devices through Alexa Skill, but not integrating a smart IR/RF emitter.

Please help me wrap my head around the mechanism, before I make an investment in a Bond Bridge.

So, will I be able to trigger any IR/RF code? Even a code that’s “learned” by Bond Bridge?
My plan is to have Bond Bridge learn the RF signal from my motorized shade remote, and have Alexa trigger open/close RF signals through voice.

Does anyone see problem to this plan?

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Yes, you’d wrap them in a “Command” which describes what the command does. (“Turn on power”, “Turn the fan to speed 3”, “Open shades”, etc.

The one potential problem is that your shades remote might not transmit the same signal on every button press, for security reasons. If your shades have this sort of behavior, the Bond Bridge won’t be able to support them for now, unless the remote is a Somfy RTS remote.

If you post some info about your motorized shade remote we could look in to whether or not you’ll have a good experience setting it up on the Bond Bridge at this point.