Bond Bridge RF/IR scanner & CQ Encoder

Thanks, Bond Team, for a great device! I’ve been having some fun coding custom voice commands for various remotes using a combination of IFTTT (Google Assistant trigger, WebHooks action), Azure Web Services, and Bond Bridge. If anyone wants more details, let me know and I’m happy to discuss the setup.

In any case, one of the keys to this was using the Bond local API to scan RF/IR codes from different remotes and then using CQ encoding to compress the signals to a more reasonable size, suitable for sticking in a JSON array and storing in a .js file. I didn’t see a CQ encoder online so I wrote one. It only produces characters C-Q/c-q, no A/B. That would be an optimization exercise if someone wants to tackle it; I found the CQ format was plenty compact without worrying about A/B so I left it as is.

It’s a single-page app, with one Javascript helper to perform the Web API calls to the Bond Bridge. I had initially tried embedding the code within the post, but too many special characters are being stripped away. I have uploaded to GitHub instead (GitHub - Sriv74/bond-cq-encoder: Simple single-page web app to scan Bond Bridge signals, encode in CQ format, and transmit.)