IR Remote for TCL Soundbar

I have a new Bond Bridge device (firmware v3.21.3.6) and I am trying to get it to recognize basic commands for my TCL soundbar (this one). However, I can’t seem to get it to recognize any of the remote’s commands. I’ve put new batteries in the remote, moved to a darkened room and checked for signals using my phone’s camera, but the Bond Bridge refuses to even notice that anything is happening.

Does anyone have tips for getting the Bond Bridge to recognize IR signals? Are there categories of signals that it won’t recognize? Anyone else have success with a TCL soundbar IR remote?

Try going to advanced programming during the recording and select IR. It does not record IR by default.

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Thanks! That worked perfectly!

I know that this has been asked before, but since I have you attention for the moment, I’d like to put in a plug for the idea of being able to have a more advanced “custom” device where someone could add the buttons one wants. While I recognize you want to ensure a uniform customer experience, I don’t really see how allowing an “advanced custom” device detracts from that customer experience, since those who use it would know that they are working outside of the supported parameters. I also don’t see how it provides a better customer experience to have more advanced customers having to create klugey work-arounds such as a “generic” device where “off” means volume down and “on” means volume up.
Thanks again for the help!

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@ggalt – I don’t disagree with you on Generic Devices being so limited being a detraction.

My workaround / solution has been to make random IR / RF devices as Ceiling Fans or Fireplaces, even when they’re most definitely not, and then rename buttons via API. Not exactly the easiest, but if you want to get stubborn about it… You get way more than just two buttons.

See Unable to learn dyson remote (yes this happens to be an oscillating fan rather than the lamps and other IR / RF devices I’ve told Bond are “fireplaces” or “ceiling fans”, but this walks through the same steps I use for those)

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What would y’all think about a web interface for doing this? You could create whatever “commands” you want, and select from a list of actions or use “Custom(1, 2, 3, …)”.

That would be spiffy, I think!

Could it have ability to define the “types” of Commands / Actions?
So they are visually grouped under each ‘type’ defined for the Device within the Bond app?
Could we get definable States for Actions (particular the Custom 1…n)?
(See the history of my attempts here but then me encountering override hiccups)

Thanks! I’ll take a look. This might be a good interim solution until Chris puts together the web interface.

@merk: I think a web interface would be spectacular! I think it would create enough of a hurdle so that only power users would be likely to use it, which would preserve your desire to have a uniform experience for most users. Thanks!!!


Cool. Ok this has gone from a theoretical possibility to the mythical 20% project list :wink:

You can already check the yourbondip/scenes web interface for Scenes to see how it could work for Commands.