History view missing items

I am missing events in the history view.

Thanks for the report, have you noticed any specific kind of event missing?

A few things i have noticed.

I have a hub and 1 fan with the piece from home depot retrofitted
I have integration with Control4 with Chowmain driver

  1. the screen close and open have the same graphic - they should be different
  2. I notice when i turn on adjust level via the API i see 2 events for on and then level. Shouldn’t these be 1?
  3. I had a gap in coverage from 8.31 till 9.3
  4. when I use the App (android) the history shows the actual speed vs api (http) where it just says set speed but doesn’t the speed


  1. Filters by room/device type would be great
  2. Date filters
  3. view is to much white space would look a compact view

Date & device type filters are already in progress, we’ll add room to the list!

Good feedback, passing these along to the mobile team

It should be. Is this via the Chowmain Control4 driver or directly via an HTTP request?

Interesting… this is directly via the HTTP API? Something like a PUT on <dev endpoint>/actions/SetSpeed with a body like {"argument": 3}?

the last 2 points are both via the chwomain driver.
I control the fan’s/screen3 way
bond app
control4 app

Okay! Checking into it now.

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Oh yeah, one more question: for the HTTP API strangeness, is this a Bond Bridge device or a Smart-by-Bond fan?

Smart-by-bond fan retro kit from HD

but i think i saw it once a bridge device.
Either way, it doesn’t matter all my fans are being rewired this weekend with the retro solution

one other thing I noticed. If an event is triggered by a schedule the event history should note that it was a scheduled event

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I have also noted that using the Home depot bond retro fit kit, if an event occurs via the RF remote, the history doesn’t show that.

Yeah that’s one known issue. We eventually want to point you to the schedule that triggered the event, but a good first step is just recognizing it as a schedule.

Okay, thanks for the report, looking into it.